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We are suppliers of Air cooled and Oil cooled Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer which are used for various electrical and electronics application.

We offer high grade Air Cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizer which are designed by us using latest technology. Our Stabilizers are extensively used to control any critical equipment which is affected by voltage fluctuation with latest electronic circuitry.

Our designs are selected by premium quality raw material and are known for low power consumption, heat reducing capacity and trouble free operation and also designed to give a constant output for the application with stability 98% efficiency and more.

Three Phase Air-cooled Servo Stabilizers consists of three single phase units connected in star. The voltage sensing & correction is done in each phase independently with respect to the neutral, also called as unbalanced type voltage stabilizers. These stabilizers are used for various kinds of machinery like CNC, Textile, CT Scans, Printing, Packaging, Freezers, etc. Our Stabilizer are designed with Microcontroller (DSP) control system to provide a steady voltage and also protects the machinery from under/over voltage, overload, single phasing and phase reversal conditions.

Custom Designed: Stabilizers of more than 200KVA are also available with wider / shorter input voltage range & also with special output voltage, as per customer requirements.

Capacity : 1KVA to 3000KVA

Specification :

Input Voltage Normal range 295V – 465V 3phase / 170 -270V 1phase
Narrow range 360V – 465V 3phase / 190 -270V 1Phase
Wide range 245V – 465V 3Phase / 140 -270V 1Phase
Output Voltage 400V ± 1% / 230V ± 1%
Input Frequency 50Hz ± 5%
Efficiency 98%
Correction rate 70V/Sec, 3phase
Ambient temp 45˚ C max
Humidity up to 90%
Harmonic Distortion Nil
Indications Input High/Low, Output ON.
Meter AC Voltmeter to measure input and output voltage
Controls Auto/Manual, Increase/Decrease, set adjustment

Salient Features :

  • Wide Input Voltage range
  • Plug in type PCB and modular Construction
  • Ideally Suitable for high Starting  Currents
  • Rugged AC synchronous motor for long life.
  • High speed of Correction & quick response
  • High efficiency. Reliable  IC version control
  • Special design to minimize the losses
  • Control circuit Isolated from the mains
  • Load Power factor phase shift has no effect on Operation.
  • No Oscillation  No overshoot/ No under shoot
  • No wave from distortion, no noise generation
  • Compact size mounted on wheels for easy Movement
  • Over load and short circuit protection
  • Over voltage & under voltage trip / protection
  • Single phase preventer for 3 phase stabilizers
  • Audio indication for over voltage & under voltage
  • Special electronic circuit for automatic operation on generator and also main supply
  • High quality lamination and Electrolytic enameled copper used for transformer to meet international standards.

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