UPS Systems

We are leading suppliers of UPS’s and various power electronics equipment’s. We had supplied UPS systems for multifarious and very demanding applications.

We supply UPS’s with standard specifications and also for specifications which are suitable to the customer requirements in various configurations and ratings.

Our UPS range is from 1 KVA to 100 KVA in single phase output and up to 4800 KVA in 3 phase output.

We offer latest IGBT/MOSFET based state of art technology employing instantaneous sine wave PWM controlled. We are committed to the quality norms not only during supply process but even after while rendering after sales services.
Interruption of Class is Incorrect like that Interruption of Powercut is Incorrect. For Example) If you are attending online classes at your home computer, you need to prevent power cuts during class time. Finally, you can choose the best ups dealers in Chennai to buy ups for home computers.

UPS Technical Specification :

Sl.No Specification / Feature Standard Parameter
1 Technology True Online Double Conversion design (DSP / Microprocessor based)
2 Input Voltage Range 160V - 270V for 1 Phase Input,                            335V to 477V for 3Phase input
3 Input Power factor Near Unity power factor
4 Generator Compatibility Yes (1.2 times the UPS rating)
5 Input frequency range 47 - 53 Hz
6 Rectifier type Advanced Rectifier with inbuilt APFC (Active Power Factor Corrector) for 1 phase and IGBT Charger advance rectifier with inbuilt APFC for 3phase
7 Output Voltage 230V AC +/- 1% for 1phase output and          400V AC (380/415V Selectable) for 3phase 
8 Total Harmonic Distortion 1 phase output       < 3% for Linear load                                                < 5% for Non linear load and                                     3 phase output < 2% for Linear load                          < 5% for Non-Linear load
9 Overload Capacity 110% for 10sec & 130% for 2sec for 1&2kva UPS   and 125% for 10min & 150% for 60sec for 3 to 60KVA UPS
10 Inverter IGBT based PWM with Digital Control (Microprocessor based)
11 Crest factor 3:01
12 Static Bypass Automatic bypass switch facility
13 Display Input Voltage, DC Voltage, Battery Voltage, Output Voltage, Output Power,                   Battery Charge %, Load %
14 Output Powerfactor 0.8 lag to Unity within KVA & KW rating
15 Load in terms of PC per KVA (PC with 15" CFT monitor) 3 PC per KVA (for 1 & 2KVA UPS)                             5PC per KVA (for 3 to 60KVA)
16 Battery Type SMF / Tubular
17 Battery Charger Current limit 6A for 1& 2KVA, 4 to 8A for 3&5KVA,                      4 to 20A upto 60KVA
18 Ambient Temperatur 45˚ C
19 Noise Level < 50 db @ 3 meter
20 Testing Standard IEC 62040 part III
21 Galvanic isolation Isolation transformer provided

Battery Back-up Time - Sample :

UPS KVA rating DC Voltage Output Power factor No. of 12V SMF batteries Battery back up Period
        15min 30min 1hour 2hour 3hour
1 KVA 36V 0.7 3 17AH 2x17AH 42AH 65AH 100AH
2KVA 96V 0.7 8 17AH 26AH 42AH 65AH 100AH
3KVA 192V 0.8 16 17AH 17AH 26AH 42AH 65AH
5 / 6 KVA 192V 0.8 16 17AH 26AH 42AH 65AH 100AH
8KVA 240V 0.8 20 17AH 26AH 42AH 100AH 2x65AH
10KVA 240V 0.8 20 26AH 42AH 65AH 2x65AH 2x100AH

  1. The batteries considered are of Sealed Maintenance free type (SMF)
  2. SMF batteries needs to be installed in ambient temperature of 20˚C to 25˚C
  3. The UPS is considered to be working @ 90% of its load capacity