Solar Panel in Chennai


Solar Panel in Chennai has the best and branded Solar Panel in Chennai. Do you want to reduce Electricity Bill for your College, School or Office? .You can use Solar Panel and solar lighting system to reduce power bill. We have branded Solar Panels like Luminous , Microtek and Waaree. We also have Solar battery at affordable price. Visit our Store for Solar Panel distributors in chennai. Here you can find Different Brand Solar Panel Price in Chennai.

Solar Panel for Home in Chennai

Looking for Solar Panel for a Home in Chennai? We provide Solar panels both Poly and Mono Perc, Solar inverters both Off-Grid and OnGrid, and Solar batteries for every need of your requirements like 1 BHK, 2 BHK,3 BHK, Individual Bungalow, and Commercial Locations. We prevent powercut problems at your home or office with our dedicated solar panel experts who have completed more than 590 solar panel installations in Chennai. When anyone buys solar panels from us, they get peace of mind with support from branded OEMs.

Solar Panel for Home Price in Chennai

Before you know solar panel for home price in Chennai , you need to know how much load you are consuming daily. Each Electronic and Electrical Equipment in your home consumes power in watts. Most people choose based on two types of watts

For Example,

i) If you are consuming the electricity of 4 Fans, 4 Tubelight, 1 TV, 1 Mixie, 2 LED bulbs, you need to check 1 kw solar panel price in chennai .

ii) If you are consuming the electricity of 6 fans, 6 Tubelight, 2 TV, 1 washing machine, 1 grinder, 1mixie, 1 Iron box, 1 AC you need to check 3 kw solar panel price in chennai .

If you had chosen an Off-grid system ie Solar Panels with battery, the daytime electrical load will be running on Solar and evening time with battery for pre-set level and then change over to Main EB Supply depending upon load usage and battery capacity.

If it is an On-Grid system (Solar Panel without battery), the electrical load will be running on solar power directly in the daytime, excess generated power will be fed into the Grid and get adjusted in monthly tariff.