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Luminous - 220 AH

Luminous - Tall Tubular - ILTT26060

Luminous - Tall Tubular - ILTT26060 - 220 AH

Key Feature:
Capacity (AH)        : 220AH
Warranty                : 60 months*
Maintenance Free: Yes


With old Battery of same AH: Rs. 17700
Without old Battery: Rs. 20900

Delivered in 4-24hours.

20900 (incl All Taxes)

Warranty : 36 Months Free of Cost + 24 Months Pro Rate



- Manufactured using HADI High pressure casting machine, which helps to maintain void free,
   uniform grain structure
 - Extremely high purity, corrosion-resistant proprietary spine alloy composition
   ensures longer battery service life
 - Tubular plate construction ensures uniform distribution of positive active
   material for extremely long life and superior performance
 - Highly puncture-resistant DARAMIC-USA separator minimizes the possibility of internal short circuits
 - Balanced plate design for improved charge acceptance & excellent deep discharge recovery

Backup time*

Duration4 hrs 30 mint5 hrs 45 mint7 hrs 50 mint12 hrs 40 mint29 hrs 45 mint

* Back up time is Under Standard Test conditions, may vary depending upon load types, temperature and aging. 

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