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Product Hi-Power - 150 AH

Hi-Power - Tubular - Impact Gold

Hi-Power - Tubular - Impact Gold - 150 AH

Key Feature:
Capacity (AH): 150AH
Warranty: 36 Months
Maintenance Free: Low Maintenance
Tubular battery


With old Battery of same AH: Rs. 11500
Without old Battery: Rs. 14000

Delivered in 4-24hours.

14000 (incl All Taxes)

Warranty : 36 Months Free of Cost + 0 Months Pro Rate



Hi-Power Impact  Gold series of tubular batteries are rated at C20 capacity

Batteries are designed to withstand frequent and long power cuts

Assembled in polypropylene containers with plate holding cradles

Extra thick tubular plates as per Hi-Power design

Thick tubular plate spines are of low antimony alloy and casted world class machines at above 100 bar pressure for super fine grain structure and minimized grid corrosion at high temperatures 

Negative plates are of low antimony alloy with lattice structure 

Micro porous ceramic vent cum sealed float plugs to reduce topping up frequency 

Resistance to corrosion and high ambient temperature 

Abuse resistant 

Low self discharge 

Deep cycle design 

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