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Microtek Solar Panel - 100Wp

Microtek Solar Panel - Poly Crystalline - MTK100/12V

Microtek Solar Panel - Poly Crystalline - MTK100/12V - 100Wp

Key Feature:
Capacity : 100 Wp
Warranty : 25 Years 
Type        : Poly Crystalline


Without old Battery: Rs. 4000

Delivered in 4 - 24hours.

4000 (incl All Taxes)

Warranty : 300 Months Free of Cost + 0 Months Pro Rate



  • Positive Power Tolerance Modules.
  • Highly Classified A-Grade Solar Cells for Lesser Degradation and High Energy.
  • Micro Crack Free Panels-100% EL Tested Before and After Lamination.
  • High Conversion Efficiency based on Leading Innovative Photo Voltaic Technologies.
  • PID Free Modules with Long Term Reliability.
  • Anti-Reflective Coating Glass Available.
  • Advance IP67/IP68 Junction Box for long-term weather endurance.
  • RFID Tag Available.
  • Sustain Heavy Wind and Snow Loads (2400Pa and 5400Pa).
  • Excellent Performance in Low Light.
  • Salt Mist, Ammonia, Blowing Sand and Hail Resistant.
  • Ideal for Off-Grid as well as On-Grid Applications.
  • IP67 rated MC4 Compatible Connectors.
  • EVA Encapsulation and Anti Reflection Coating for better Module Protection.
  • Undergoes Rigorous Quality Control and more than 20 in-house tests, (DH: Damp Heat Test. TC: Thermal Cycling Test. HF: Humidity Freeze Test.).
  • Heavy duty Anodized Aluminum Frames with pre-drilled holes for Quick Installation.
  • Manufactured with Premium Quality Input Materials.

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