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AMAZE Inverter - 1575

AMAZE Inverter - Pure Sinewave - AN 1575

AMAZE Inverter - Pure Sinewave - AN 1575 - 1575

Key Feature:

AN 1575

Capacity : 1400VA / 12V / 1100W

Pure Sinewave Inverter

Warranty : 24month Onsite


Offer Price: Rs. 8500

Delivered in 4 - 24hours.

8500 (incl All Taxes)

Warranty : 24 Months Free of Cost + 0 Months Pro Rate



  • Supports Heavy load of 1400 VA on single battery, thus saving the cost of second battery
  • Rugged technology design for high performance and longer back-up time, specially suited for Indian power conditions
  • Battery charging commences even at as low as 95V mains input keeps the battery charged even at low mains conditions
  • Three step Battery current selection switch as per battery capacity and compatible with all battery types Tubular, Flat plate and SMF
  • Eco/UPS mode selectable through back panel switch for unregulated and regulated mode setting

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